The Pain 

  • Is your marketing team currently spending more time managing endless email threads between various internal teams, external vendors and clients trying to understand project requirements, get clarifications, provide feedback and update project statuses than actually collaborating on marketing projects?
  • Are your digital assets scattered all over the company sitting in employee’s local machines or corporate servers or simply as a print out?
  • Do you have complete control over your brand materials and how they get distributed? Do you have an easy and secured way to share the latest versions with external agencies or vendors?
  • Do you have instant and easy access to past creative and digital marketing content that can be reused in repeat campaigns?
  • Are you able to loop your clients into updating them with real time project status, time lines, milestones and progress?
  • Are you feeling frustrated that the current disparate tools and technologies you are using to achieve an efficient and integrated marketing process is simply not working?

Introducing Vitalblocks

Coordination across internal teams, external partners, and outside vendors requires the right system for collaboration and organization. Introducing VitalBlocks. A powerful software platform that lets your marketing team work faster, collaborate smarter and centralize all assets under one platform.

The Gain

  • VitalBlocks integrated platform guides communication, project collaboration and asset management between marketers, creative teams, clients and agencies on the same platform.
  • It allows you to handle multiple projects each with its own team, tasks, discussion board and assets.
  • Pull in the right people either from across your organization or bring in external team members. ivermectin 8000
  • Centralize all your communications and digital assets by projects and clients. ivermectin for cattle price
  • VitalBlocks Integrated Marketing Calendar gives marketers the ability to quickly launch campaigns, efficiently plan & coordinate activities, assign tasks, set milestones, track goals and progress and share updates with project stakeholders. ivermectin use for
  • Store, organize and tag all your asset types, creatives and brand materials securely in digital book shelves so that you can not only search, find and update them quickly but you can also access, distribute and share those digital marketing content via secured links and clouds
  • Make asset collaboration more efficient, controlled and secured through appropriate access levels and user profiles.
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