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Why come and work for us?

Our mission is to empower every person to achieve more. That’s what inspires us, and drives our work. We ensure employees have the freedom and the reach to help make a difference in the world. At ViCoast, we’€™re always learning, we ask questions, take risks and build on each other’€™s ideas, because together we can make a difference. We don’€™t just value differences, we seek them out. ViCoast is a place where employees can be who they are. With diverse perspectives, we have better ideas, better products and happier customers. Our employees have access to the latest technology and tools, the power to build on the company’s far-reaching momentum. Together, we can help billions of people around the globe use digital technology to achieve amazing things.

We are passionate about building solutions to our customers so they can be more successful, and that means we really listen and learn lot from them. We bring solutions that don’t just meet the needs of customers and their businesses, they often surprise and delight them. Then we innovate further to give them even more. We are committed to reinvent productivity and business processes, build the intelligent software solutions and create more personal computing. We are always looking to bring even more brilliant and creative people to our team.

ViCoast is the ideal platform for anyone who is creative, self-starter and a person who is his own boss. You will get expertise in your profile. ViCoast is a great foundation for a dynamic individual who is persistently learning and growing. For individuals with a strong information technology background, ViCoast offers challenging and rewarding career opportunities. Our unique technical challenge is to develop applications and technologies that fit the ever-changing needs of our diverse customers. As part of our team, you’€™ll help us compete, grow and lead the industry by keeping us at the front of the digital marketplace, while enhancing your skill set and growing professionally.


Why you have to be part of ViCoast family?

We at ViCoast believe in committed employees and we provide the environment to give off their best. In return we get the best from our employees.

So here’s what we give to those who work with us:

  • Global clients
  • Collaborative learning environment
  • Personal value and respect
  • Intelligent, fun, talented, hardworking teammates
  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • An exciting place to work where your ideas can make a difference
  • A friendly work culture and environment

How about you? Do you fit in? Are you someone who

  • Is excited about building an organization, and not just excited about a job?
  • Likes to play an important role in a growing company where you are provided with new opportunities frequently?
  • Upholds definite values and identifies with an organization’s core values that are non-negotiable under any circumstance?
  • Believes that creating and converting opportunities are always more important than plain conformance to a norm

Write to us at careers@vicoast.com and see how you can make a difference. Let’€™s work at transformation, together.

Benefits and perks

Flexible Schedule

ViCoast believe in balanced work life balance, we encourages and facilitates the adoption of flexible working in a number of ways.

Latest Technologies

Our employees have access to the latest technology and tools, the power to build on the company’s far-reaching momentum.

Paid Holidays and Travel Expenses

ViCoast provides all the independent to the employee to enjoy their day with family by providing paid holiday and travel expense reimbursement. Keeping employees happiness we give them paid holidays to be with their family without hindrance.

Open Cafeteria

Deciding what to eat for lunch and how to spend your lunch break everyday could be a hassle, especially when you don’t have time to plan in advance. ViCoast cafeterias provide a convenient way for you to get the meals what you want and enjoy with your colleague and be feel homely in a very good open hygienic cafeteria.

Competitive Salary

ViCoast’s goal is pay best in the market and it has the policy of give and get it. It provides the competitive emolument to its employee such way that employees need to be fulfilled by the emolument.

Team Building Camps

ViCoast taps the hidden talents of employee by conducting many more team building activities. So that employees can improve themselves and be challenging in this competitive world.

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Our Offices

Vicoast has offices in Forth Worth and Bangalore. We also have employees working remotely in cities across the globe.

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