• Cloud Hosting and Maintenance

    ViCoast provides cloud service implementation including strategy, cloud based applications, infrastructure and security.

Cloud Hosting and Maintenance

ViCoast provides cloud service implementation including strategy, cloud based applications, infrastructure and security. We also provide 24/7 monitoring, support and maintenance. Build reliable applications for most popular and futuristic cloud environments with our expertise in building the cloud strategy, cloud enabled applications, complete cloud applications, cloud infrastructure and security with complete support and maintenance.

Our service includes support for all the major cloud providers and platforms like

  • Amazon Cloud Hosting
  • Rackspace Cloud Hosting
  • Windows Azure


How can I benefit from Cloud Computing?

  • Agility
    Improves agility with users and has the ability to re-provision the technical infrastructure resources.

  • Cost effective
    Reduces initial investment cost on IT infrastructure and continuous upgrades, has flexibility in sharing the resources, scaling when needed.

  • Device and location independence
    Connect from anywhere and from any device to always available resources.

  • Mobility
    Virtualization technology allows you to move your application from any physical server to another.

  • Resource Utilization
    Improve resource utilization by sharing resources and costs across a large pool of users, centralize resources and lower costs on real estate, electricity, etc.

  • Reliability
    Improved if multiple redundant sites are used, which makes well designed cloud computing suitable for continuity and disaster recovery.

  • Scalability
    Scalability and elasticity through dynamic on-demand provisioning of resources with self-service based near real-time utilities.

  • Performance
    Always monitored, consistent and loosely coupled architectures are built using web service as the system interface.

  • Security
    Centralization of data could improve security with increased security focused resources, hybrid cloud model can also be used when security on sensitive data is concerned.

  • Maintenance
    Cloud applications are easy to maintain as they do not need to be installed on each individual users’ machines and can be accessed from different places.


Business Challenges

  • Investment on infrastructure, continues upgrades, high maintenance and operational costs
  • Resource utilization on redundant resources with shared applications
  • Location dependency
  • Scalability
  • Performance and Reliability

What ViCoast Provides

  • Cloud strategy based on your need with public, private and hybrid cloud options
  • Cloud based application development using service models like IaaS-Infrastructure as a Service, SaaS-Software as a Service, and PaaS-Platform as a Service
  • Support for all major cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloud, etc.
  • Cloud infrastructure implementation
  • Maintenance including data backups, volumes and image management
  • Transfer/migration of applications, volumes, etc.
  • Cloud application hosting and management
  • Monitoring and scaling resources based on the usage/load

Business Values

  • Dedicate your time to best serve your customer while ViCoast can manages all your infrastructure on the cloud.
  • Provide greater flexibility to your customers by offering cloud based SaaS applications.
  • Provide highest quality service your customers by leveraging on ViCoast’s proven knowledge on cloud computing.


  • Cloud Strategy
    Our cloud specialist can dive deep into the current infrastructure and applications, understand the pain points and build strategy and architecture which best suites your situation.

  • Cloud Based Application Development
    Our application development experts can build new or migrate your application to SaaS model to utilize best of cloud computing.

  • Infrastructure Implementation
    Our cloud technology experts and architects can bring the architecture to a reality by building cloud infrastructure end to end, move existing data & applications, implement security, enable monitoring, etc.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
    Includes 24/7 monitoring of cloud infrastructure and applications for availability, performance, capacity, and management.

  • Support and Maintenance
    Our technically skilled support team can help you to reduce post deployment hurdles by supporting and maintaining the cloud sites, and cloud servers.

  • Change Management
    Includes relocation of resources on the cloud including cloud servers, volumes, disk images, data, applications, etc. Scaling up the resource based on the load and utilization, disaster recovery planning and implementation.

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