• Database Development & Management

    ViCoast Database Development and Management Service help you design, build and manage databases efficiently and cost-effectively.

Database Development & Management

ViCoast Database Development and Management Service help you design, build and manage databases efficiently and cost-effectively, it is key to any business to have available, high performance and secure databases, with our proven track records in providing database services across various industry verticals.


How can I benefit from DBMS?

  • Reduce redundancies and inconsistencies
    Reduce data redundancies and inconsistencies by centralizing all of your data while reducing the costs for collection, storage and updating of data.

  • Better service to the customers
    Provide a better service to the customers through a centralized database with high availability, up-to-datedness, ease of access to multiple data sources.

  • Improved flexibility of the system
    Provides greater flexibility in frequent changes necessary to the contents of data stored in any system. These changes are more easily made in a database than in a conventional system in that these changes do not need to have any impact on application programs.

  • Reduced cost of development and maintenance
    Though initial costs are bit higher overall cost for maintenance and enhancement of application can reduce drastically by using a centralized database.

  • Standards can be enforced
    Since all access to the database must be through the DBMS, standards are easier to enforce. Standards may relate to the naming of the data, the format of the data, the structure of the data etc.

  • Improved Security
    In conventional systems enforcing security is quite difficult as applications are developed in an ad hoc manner. Setting up of a database makes it easier to enforce security restrictions since the data is now centralized. It is easier to control who has access to what parts of the database.

  • Improved Data Integrity
    Since the data of the organization using a database approach is centralized and would be used by a number of users at a time, it is essential to enforce integrity controls. Since all data is stored only once, it is often easier to maintain integrity than in conventional systems.

Business Challenges

  • Inconsistence and Redundancies
    Inconsistency in managing data with multiple versions using traditional applications, which makes it very hard to control data redundancy.

  • Data security and Integrity
    Very hard to enforce the security across the enterprise by using conventional systems, it is key to maintain data integrity due to involvement of multiple people.

  • Improve customer service
    Very hard to provide better service when necessary data/information is not available in one place when needed.

  • Time and cost
    More time and costs are being spent to maintaining and finding information needed.

    Lack of support and database performance issues.

    Challenges in learning and knowledge transition process.

  • ROI
    To improve return on investment quality assurance process need to be efficient and consistent.

What ViCoast Provides

  • Strategy and road map building
  • Broad experience in planning, design, modeling, implementation and reporting
  • Expertise in database migration, tuning and maintenance
  • Expertise in database security and implementation
  • Proven track records of building applications based on the database
  • Expert knowledge in business intelligence, data mining, data analysis, and integration
  • Expertise in data-driven, code-driven, model based and hybrid testing
  • Process engineering and documentation
  • Executive Dashboards, Reporting and 360 degree data visualization
  • Expert knowledge in strong industry vertical domain
  • Experience in top notch DBMS and RDBMS including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and more

Business Values

  • Increase Sales
    Increase sales by delivering high quality product and service and winning the customer satisfaction and trust.

  • Security
    Protect customer data and corporate information with strong data security practice.

  • Cost Savings
    Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for database services.

  • Build Trust and Brand
    Winning customer trust is the key to success and building the brand name, winning competition, reputation and respect comes with a statble database and quality product delivery.

  • Improved operating efficiencies
    Improve identification and traceability with continual review and refinement of systems by taking corrective and preventive actions. Improve reliability, accuracy and analysis with quality reports.


  • Database Design and Modeling­
    It is key to think ahead in database performance, scalability, recovery, and security, with our experience we can build a model which complies with future hurdles. Conceptual data model, logical model, relational data model, entity relationship model, object model, more.

  • Infrastructure Building and Testing
    Build the infrastructure which is right to handle the load, we can build database servers, clusters, load balancing, security and more whether is internal network or on the cloud including development, testing and staging environments.

  • Database Implementation
    This includes buidling the database schema, data migration, replication setup, database programming, clustering, indexing, backups and maintenance setups with all the necessory industrial best practices.

  • Database Monitoring and Maintenance
    ViCoast provides monitoring, authorization, security administration, space & object management, backups & restores, incident handling & fixes, and auditing.

  • Database Optimization 
    ViCoast understands the importance of the database optimization, we provide performance re-engineering, database virtualization and database consolidation.

  • Reporting and Data Visualization
    ViCoast has experience in building custom reports that fits your requirements using various reporting tool including online ad hoc reports. Find out how we can help on your business intelligence and data visualization needs.

  • Database testing
    Data Warehouse Testing solution is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool, designed to test high-volume, data-centric DW / BI applications.

  • Performance Testing
    Performance Testing and Validation services blend performance testing and engineering techniques to enable business transformation of new and existing databases.

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