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    ViCoast has the depth and breadth of experience and expertise that you need to achieve your business goals and succeed tough competition.


ViCoast has the depth and breadth of experience and expertise that you need to achieve your business goals and succeed tough competition. Find out more about the industries we serve, and how we serve them.

Public Sector


At ViCoast, we understand public sector and have been providing valuable, high-quality IT solutions to address many of the problems facing public sector. For both large governments and local municipalities, we use technology to improve information access, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce government costs. With expertise in e-Government, automation, health, and regulatory compliance, our consultants assist our clients in creating secure, reliable, and sustainable solutions. We have also developed products and frameworks for Tax collection, law enforcement teams and judicial agencies.

Federal, State, and local governments are redesigning processes to leverage best practices. This is being enabled by optimally deploying Information Technology. The need for improved citizen service has increased and both security and privacy are driving change. Similar to many commercial sectors, the need for technology-based solutions within public sector is driven by real business problems.

Our Consulting practice has developed leading frameworks to help counties improve their operational processes.

Our IT services team has extensive experience in integrating systems across different agencies and building state-of-the-art tools for the users.


Globalization and intense competition have changed the modern retail landscape. ViCoast understands the challenges that retailers face: dealing with high consumer expectations, supplier partnerships, and the need for better operational efficiency. Our complete range of IT and retail business solutions helps global retailers to address these issues.

Our Solutions and Service Offerings

ViCoast’s retail solutions, including Multi Channel Commerce, RFID, Analytics, Master Data Management, POS solutions, and CRM , help improve the consumer experience thereby increasing market share and profit. Our Centers of Excellence, like Retek and SAP-IS-Retail, share best practices across the engagements executed. Our service offerings are spread across the retail value chain, focusing on the areas of marketing, merchandising, supplier collaboration, warehouse management, store management, financials, and HR.

Marketing and Merchandising

ViCoast has helped retailers with sales analytics, promotion management, loyalty management, forecasting, and merchandising solutions. We have successfully developed/maintained applications and customized products to suit client needs in this space.

Supplier Collaboration

ViCoast enables retailers to effectively collaborate with suppliers in implementing RFID solutions and managing a lean inventory. We have helped one of the largest fast-food restaurant chains develop vendor management systems for facility rating, product specification, and supplier tracking. Additionally, ViCoast develops Internet-based solutions for sales reporting and promotion feedback.


ViCoast’s RFID offerings help optimize the supply chain, providing complete visibility into warehouse and supplier inventories. Our solutions also help retailers reduce shrinkage. Additionally, ViCoast has developed various applications related to inventory management and shipping.

Store Management

ViCoast develops multi-channel solutions for retailers who now use multiple channels for order management, promotion management, and campaign management to drive sales and increase market share. These include physical and online stores, catalogs, call centers, wireless devices, and mail order solutions. These solutions also address the emerging challenges in order management, distribution, and consumer experience. We also develop Point of Sale products for implementation at specialty retailer stores.

CIO Toolkit

ViCoast advises CIOs and senior IT executives on how to create and ramp-up offshore delivery centers (ODC). We do this through rigorous consulting engagements, and ‘CIO Toolkit’ workshops. Executives learn how ODCs can become an integral part of the organization’s business model.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Today’s global companies are all asking the same question: how do you deliver higher profitability in the face of demanding customers and strong competition? It is possible to develop stellar customer relationships while delivering substantial returns to investors; ViCoast believes that the answer is a ‘connected enterprise’. With horizontal connectivity between your organization and its suppliers and customers, as well as vertical connectivity between the shop floor and the enterprise, ‘connected enterprises’ can respond rapidly to dynamic shifts in global markets.

ViCoast is uniquely positioned to help you become a connected enterprise. Our domain-led, consultative approach goes well beyond simple cost arbitrage to deliver business benefits. When you partner with us, you gain access to a diversity of ViCoast Minds, including project management experts, ensuring that IT initiatives dovetail with business objectives. What’s more, we understand how emerging markets work and with manufacturing increasingly shifting towards these markets, that’s a definite asset. In the sharply customer-focused, highly automated manufacturing industry of tomorrow, ViCoast can deliver lasting value.

Through rigorous consulting engagements and workshops, ViCoast also advises CIOs and senior IT executives on creating and scaling Offshore Delivery Centers (ODCs), which have now become an integral part of organizational business models.

Within this vertical, we have three focused competencies

  • Automotive and Discrete Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Life Sciences / Pharmaceutical

ViCoast’s offerings in each of these areas include solutions for Supply Chain Optimization, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer and Dealer Management, After Sales Services, Content Management, and Data Warehousing and Business Analytics.


Communications technology is changing quickly and is shifting the fundamental idea of how networks are defined and how they are managed. The convergence of differing network technologies and the migration of applications to pocket-based services platforms are creating an environment of both opportunity and challenge.

At ViCoast, we help network service providers and business enterprise customers leverage this change by improving their ability to increase efficiencies and deliver new feature-rich services in a dynamic market.

Convergence is the driving force of change in the Communications industry. Business customers are shifting service applications to pocket-based technologies in order to improve operational efficiencies and maintain competitiveness. Correspondingly, this migration is forcing network service providers to develop multi-platform service internetworking capabilities in order to meet changing customer demands.

At ViCoast, we assist our clients to meet the challenges facing all areas of the evolving communications landscape with services, expertise and solutions designed to enable faster delivery of customer services.


Our Communications industry experience is the result of many successful initiatives requiring a clear understanding of both business and network issues. Communications Consulting Service Professional & Technical Network Services Empowering clients through the use of a systems transformation process, providing services that help enterprises realize more value from their customers by:

  • Increasing operational efficiencies.
  • Create differentiated services for customer retention.
  • Enhance the customer experience.

Providing professional services and technical expertise that is enabling the reality of service internetworking by:

  • Delivering turn-key support services in a wide range of technologies, in short time frames and with geographic scalability.
  • Physically upgrading existing communications infrastructure and architecture.
  • Merging the different communications technologies to create a single “core network”.

Independent Software Vendors

We are a mature organization with a strong leadership. We leverage best practices and years worth of successful solutions delivery. The business value we create for our clients is a direct reflection of the core values we keep.

Software Product Development (enabling ISVs)

ViCoast benefits from vast expertise and experience in helping Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) build their software products. We take ownership of functionality, modules and conduct end-to-end product testing. We have successfully established and maintained Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) and have dedicated product teams for clients in the US.

We consider ISVs as an industry segment since it requires a different set of capabilities compared to providing IT services for our clients. And we enable our clients build software products that helps them maintain leadership positions in their business.

We build these software products in different engagement models. Some clients prefer our “opti-shore” model, where some consultants are onsite at client offices while others are in offshore locations. Other clients, prefer to have the entire team in an offshore location building modules. While some clients assign some of their team members to work from our location and/or visit regularly. Our engagement models are flexible and completely focused on the client’s needs to ensure the highest quality and the fastest go-to-market approach.

Health care IT

Over the last decade, interesting trends have begun to emerge. Rapidly ageing population in developed countries and the need for basic healthcare in developing countries is quickly becoming a challenge for the healthcare industry. Providing access to high quality, affordable, and accessible health care, anywhere and anytime without increasing costs is now a bigger challenge than ever. Different systems need to be interoperable ensuring the highest efficiency without compromising on accuracy.

Medical electronics companies are developing innovative new products that allow this industry to offer better quality care at reduced costs. Solutions like telemedicine helps reduce the length of hospital stays and eliminates the need for frequent visits to a hospital. Early disease detection through modalities like ultrasound can significantly improve diagnosis. However, such innovation requires faster time to market for the medical electronics companies. The present technology savvy generation believes prevention is better than cure. Hence solutions need to be tailor made, yet be cost effective to be productized.

ViCoast recognizes this challenge and leverages its perfect blend of experience and an innovative culture to help such medical electronics companies accelerate new design and development, while constantly re-engineering and sustaining legacy products. ViCoast’s technical expertise in developing life-critical products gives medical electronics companies a value added partner that can continuously innovate within the constraints of R&D budgets and compliance requirements

As the industry moves towards patient focused solutions, today’s technologies thrive on convergence, connectivity, image processing, integrated services, analog and mixed signal processing, data mining and analysis. ViCoast’s experience and understanding of the technology landscape, coupled with a keen eye for detail into the ecosystem, gives equipment and technology providers a partner that can quickly build a competitive edge by reducing time to market for innovation.

ViCoast offers outsourced product realization services to companies building products, sub-systems, and solutions in the following segments:

  • Hospital and Patient Management Solutions
  • Health Care Systems
  • Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray
  • CT
  • Clinical Lab Equipment

ViCoast’s Healthcare IT Ecosystem Service Offerings

  • Hospital and Patient Management Solutions
  • Product Engineering Services
  • Tech support for products

Semi-conductor Industry

The semi-conductor industry is increasingly becoming solution-centric as semiconductors and embedded systems are playing a critical role in industries from consumer electronics, automotive, communication infrastructure to retail and industrial.

The solution centric approach is to an extent driven by the social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies that have converged to create countless new business opportunities for the semiconductor industry. When you combine the reach of social sharing, the immediacy of mobile, the insights from analytics and the agility of the cloud, you get untapped potential for growth and efficiency for the semiconductor industry in these different industry segments.

International Data Corporation (IDC) 2014 predictions were that mobile computing, cloud services, big data analytics, and social networking will continue to expand beyond smartphones, tablets, and PCs in 2014 to the Internet of Things (IoT). With IoT momentum building in 2014, IDC expects to see new industry partnerships to emerge as traditional IT vendors will accelerate their partnerships with semiconductor vendors to create integrated offerings in the consumer electronics and connected device spaces. This kind of collaboration and coordination will be necessary to reach the 30 billion autonomously connected end points and $8.9 trillion in revenues that IDC believes, the IoT will generate by 2020.

ViCoast as an IT company brings tremendous expertise not only in the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) technologies but also a deep knowledge in product engineering. As a silicon vendor, you have the technology leadership and as a software company, we deliver the software expertise. ViCoast can partner with semiconductor companies to develop solutions that can deliver higher performance, improved efficiency and lower operating costs at a faster time to market.

ViCoast can help you enable your semiconductor business through these specific services:

  • Mobile Applications & Social Media:

    Develop public or enterprise-specific applications and services that allow employees to collaborate with customers, suppliers, vendors, key partners or even internally through mobile devices, social media or other optimal interaction channels.

  • Migrate, Monitor and Management of Cloud:

    Migrate applications, infrastructure or platforms to a public cloud (Amazon, Rackspace, Windows, Google, etc.) or to a private cloud. Monitor cloud infrastructure and applications 24×7 for availability, performance, capacity, and management. Our technical support team can help you scale up or down resources based on load and utilization, disaster recovery planning and implementation.

  • Product Engineering Services:

    Leverage our expertise and experience in industries like automotive, network equipment, mobile devices, consumer electronics as well as medical devices to develop interactive software, and hardware/software integration – integrate, connect, test, and verify software for hardware devices.

  • Quality Management Services:

    Standard quality assurance activities such as benchmarking, performance measurement, troubleshooting for performance and stability services, testing services such as test tools development, test environment set-up and management.

  • Enterprise Services:

    B2B Integration, Document management, Knowledge management, Portal and collaboration, Master data management (MDM).

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) Services:

    Develop new Supply Chain Management (SCM) services or optimize existing ones from sourcing and procurement to operations, CRM, sales order management, channel management, RFID solutions, warehouse and inventory management, and customer support.

Technology and Platform Expertise

Applications / Platforms Areas of Expertise
Development Languages C, C++, VB, .NET, ASP .NET, ASP, XML, XSLT, PL/SQL, Java, J2EE, EJB, Servlets, JSP, PHP, HTML 3/5, Telerik RAD Controls
Operating Systems Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows -/2000/2003/2008/2012, Windows NT LinuxCloud ComputingAmazon, Rackspace, Azure, Cloud Foundry, Heruku
CMS Ektron, Alterian, DotNetNukeDatabasesSQL Server 2013/2008/ 2005/2000, Oracle, Postgre SQL, MySQL, MS Access
Web Application & Middleware IIS 6/7, Apache Tomcat, BEA Web Logic, Jboss, InDesign Server, Web Services, JSON based REST web services
Frameworks Frameworks .NET framework, WCF, WPF, Microsoft Enterprise Library, DotNetNuke , 3-Tier Architecture, MVC Modal
Mobile Technology Android: Phone and Tablets, iOS: iPhone, iPad, Windows 8: Desktops, Mobile Phones, Surface, Responsive mobile websites built on HTML5, MS .Net, Java, PHP, etc.,E-commerce (In-app payments), Location & Map Services
Software Development Methodology (SDM) Waterfall, Agile Scrum/XP RAD, Rational Unified ProcessDevelopment ToolsVisual Studio -2012/2010/2008/2005, Adobe InDesign, MS Blend, Eclipse, SQL Server 2012/2008/2005/2000, Dream Viewer
Configuration Management Tools MS Team Foundation Server 2008/2010/2012, Sub Version (SVN), CVS, VSS
Testing Tools MS VS Test edition, Testmanager 2008/2010/2012, Win Runner, Bugzilla, Jprofiler, Nunit, Junit, Selenium
Project Management Tools MS Project Server, MS Project, Project Open, Redmine
Analytics/Big Data Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks

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