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    ViCoast offers wide spectrum of software services, which enable our clients to meet aggressive time-to-market schedules, maximize productivity, reduce development costs, optimize software quality, and ViCoast project risks.

IT Services

ViCoast offers wide spectrum of software services, which enable our clients to meet aggressive time-to-market schedules, maximize productivity, reduce development costs, optimize software quality, and ViCoast project risks.

ViCoast’s ability and willingness to work in partnership with other companies is key to our success in bringing our clients world-class solutions to their business needs. ViCoast helps clients deal with changing business and technology issues. Our relationship with clients is a partnership – we bring our experience, best practices and tools to apply to clients unique requirements.

ViCoast addresses all aspects of IT outsourcing, and offers many solutions in IT Outsourcing. We deliver these solutions with consistent quality and professionalism on a global basis. ViCoast’s outsourcing solutions will enable you to focus on your core business, and help you to use IT as a strategic, competitive tool. We provide full spectrum of software development services to your business.

Architecture and Design

ViCoast prides itself on world class architecture skills and predictable, high quality project delivery. We specialize in –

  • Agile, collaborative development to build highly effective applications in short cycles by leveraging offshore centers.
  • Optimized application management, a SLA-driven management of legacy applications and consolidation and simplification of systems.
  • Service Oriented Architectures to optimize the interplay of processes.
  • Workflow to orchestrate resources and process throughput.
  • Security and compliance to ensure a safe environment.
  • Embedded software to integrate devices with the enterprise networks.

Software Development

The process of acquiring new products to replace legacy systems, often leads to loss of the existing investment and increased investment in new products and services. In addition, the cost and time required for customization of a product can exceed the cost of the product itself. Our custom software development service provides an economical remedy for these issues.

Optimizing your processes

Be it offering custom software development services around existing systems, studying legacy systems, and improvising performances, or developing applications from scratch, ViCoast has the expertise to surpass customer expectations. We put together our custom software development expertise in various industry verticals, to tailor an optimized solution based on your specific requirements.

ViCoast has demonstrated the ability to harness next-generation techniques and technologies and rapidly turn them into strategic advantage for its customers. Backed by years of experience in serving customers in numerous sectors across the globe, ViCoast understands your requirements better. In addition to custom software development, our experts also offer consultancy on best practices across different industries and technologies. This combination of consulting and development helps you optimize returns on your investment and ensures quick time-to-market.

Equipped with the required resources in terms of both manpower and technology, you get the best of both worlds. We offer you custom software development services based on latest technologies, by integrating your experience in your respective industry and our expertise in the software space. Our custom software development assignments are based on close relationship with our clients at all stages of the project lifecycle, understanding the business process by mapping the activity and document flow and thereby, providing effective solutions which address not only your current but also future needs.

ViCoast’s Application management services are designed around the objectives of optimization of operational costs, intelligent channelization of investments and maximum leverage of existing IT infrastructure, yet making it future ready. Our domain focus, agile and mature processes, global presence and high quality talent pool combined with value-driven financial models help deliver the stated objectives to our partners.

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solutions provide for a scalable, easy to manage programming solution to providing business management and information accessibility for internal and external clients. Enterprise solutions deal with the problem of providing information to clients both externally and internally.

The solutions have the following characteristics and more:

  • Security
    Should be able to be sure information is not being stolen by those we don’t want to have access to it.

  • Scalability
    Should be able to accommodate an increase in clients.

  • Cost:
    Should be easy to program

  • Management
    Should provide ability to manage the implementation including version control software and software that helps manage team effort with regards to providing the solution.

  • Portable
    Should be able to accommodate changes in technology.

ViCoast delivers proven, business-specific Enterprise solutions with experience built in. Our domain experts in every solution area have the know-how to help our customers worldwide address their specific business problems and lower their total cost of IT ownership. Our solutions are easier to buy, easier to deploy, and easier to manage. And to meet customers’ long-term needs, we are providing a smooth evolutionary path to support continuing business and technology innovation.

Testing Services

Customers today have complex business requirements and the application quality has a direct impact on its functions, and so in such scenarios the importance of software testing cannot be undermined.

Software Testing today has transcended beyond business necessity to become a strategic imperative for efficient IT.

The need for testing is all the more stressed by the following business critical perspectives:

  • Time & Cost Perspective
    Increased Development Costs, Time-to-market – Cycle time reduction and Cost of fixing defects.

  • Complexity Perspective
    Large-scale Complex Assignments.

  • Skills perspective
    Testing Standards & Processes, Relevant Resource Skills and Tools Knowledge.

Software Quality Ensures Success

Establishing right software testing processes is critical for any organization that wants to improve quality, reduce time-to-market, and manage costs. Our consultants can assist your organization in optimizing software testing efficiency with the latest QA tools and methodologies consistent with the best industry practices.

Our Capabilities

Through our Software Testing and Validation Services, ViCoast helps organizations achieve their quality goals by partnering with them to develop an effective software testing strategy. Our quality assurance standards ensure that benefits are visible, and make a critical difference to meeting schedules and budgets in fast-moving, cost-conscious environments.

ViCoast offers a complete, Testing Integrator service, which gives our clients access to the best software testing resources and tools in the industry, and ensures that they are deployed in a well-managed and efficient way.

As our partner, you will gain from our years of experience in practicing, researching, and transferring knowledge in software quality assurance. Our Software Testing and Validation Services are based on rich software development experience and adheres to rigorous international standards. As a result, we don’t just find defects; we can help prevent them from happening – resulting in the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Migration Services

As a client-centric and relationship-based company, we continue to provide extended maViCoast has a wealth of experience transitioning/transforming applications from legacy platforms to contemporary platforms. ViCoast adopts a phased approach to migration that not only provides an opportunity to reduce the cutover risks.

ViCoast ’s migration services include reengineering legacy systems, rewriting, conversions, automated tools, and technology transfers.

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