• Product Support Services

    An existing solution or product needs ongoing support & maintenance service.

Product Support Services

As a client-centric and relationship-based company, we continue to provide extended maintenance & support while our client’s products reach the users and begin to stabilize in the market. Once the product is ready to market, we work with our clients to define their ongoing product support needs. Based on their business objectives, we create a dedicated team to ensure their outsourced support and maintenance engagement serves their business goal.

The engagement scenarios could be one of the following:
  • An existing solution or product needs ongoing support & maintenance service.
  • The take-over of half-completed development to continue development and offer a post-development support and maintenance service.
  • End-to-end service managing the product lifecycle from solution design, development to support & maintenance service.

Usually when the client project moves from one level to other (for example a scenario such as end-to-end product lifecycle engagement), we ensure the retention of key members of the development team to support the client. Outsourced maintenance & support will ensure services are delivered as per the agreed Service Level Agreement defined at the start of the project. Outsourcing will enable a client to keep their own resources for in-house initiatives, and our competitive cost will translate into lower maintenance costs bringing higher margins.

Our maintenance and support service extend to cover:
  • User identified Bug fixing.
  • Minor changes and feature updates.
  • Product performance tuning.
  • User level installation support.
  • Product usage troubleshooting.
  • Product documentation and support during migration to new releases.

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