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What are Vitalblocks?

Vitalblocks are the basic business blocks that are necessary for business of any size to achieve more returns on marketing investments (ROMI). Vitalblocks is helping manage real-time marketing needs & improving returns on marketing investments with revolutionary state of the art tools.

What are the primary modules available on Vitalblocks?

Vitalblocks offers state of the art tools and technology that helps businesses to do efficient digital marketing. Core modules includes,

  • Collaborate – Marketing collaboration including requests, workflow management, marketing projects, tasks, event management and tracking.
  • Create – Create marketing content, marketing collateral, local store marketing and more
  • Engage – e-Commerce, online store, email marketing, direct mail marketing, social media, search marketing
  • CRM – Sales and Support, lead capturing, lead nurturing, multi-channel support system
  • Mobility – Create mobile presence, instant promotions, mobile ordering and more
How does the Vitalblocks licensing work?

Vitalblocks is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) application, it offers flexible licensing models including subscription model, dedicate hosting model, and on premises model. Please contact our sales for details on flexible pricing that is structured to just fit your requirements.

Is there a provision to buy individual modules?

Yes. Vitalblocks modules are built as independently as possible to provide greater flexibility to the businesses to choose any modules they need and take maximum benefits of the tools.

How do I get started?

Please contact our sales, we will happy help you and provide more information and pricing about the product.
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