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    Help Desk Software and Customer Service Software by ViDesk. Build lasting relationships and turn visitors into customers. Multi channel support email, phone, live chat and online tickets.

ViDesk - Customer Support and Sales

Help Desk Software and Customer Service Software by ViDesk. Build lasting relationships and turn visitors into customers. Multi channel support email, phone, live chat and online tickets. Improve customer satisfaction, increase sales.Learn More


videsk is a complete support and sales helpdesk software that provides best customer experience by giving support using multiple communication channels like Live Chat, Email, Phone and Online Tickets.

  • Enable support on your existing sites in just few minutes.
  • Reach out to your online customers instantly and boost your sales.
  • One tickets for all the communications and attachments.
  • Manage multiple sites to enable one group of support team to support multiple products in one place.
  • Integrate to your existing sites in minutes.
  • Customize live chat button, user portal, and agent portal to fit your corporate styles.

Live Chat Support

  • Enable Live Chat support on any existing website in just few minutes
  • Save time and money with concurrent chatting
  • Keep your customers happy find right person to answer by transferring the chat to any person in any department
  • Persistent chat lets you get back to where previous conversation left off even if it was done by different agent  

Trouble Tickets Support

  • An out of the box solution to manage all your trouble tickets online
  • Customer self service portal lets your customer find solutions by searching knowledge base or FAQs before submitting the tickets
  • Maintain your branding with complete customization of customer ticket portal and find ticket buttons
  • Manage your phone conversations in one place using our Phone Tickets manager
  • Multi-channel support enables end users to switch between different communication channels, like phone, email, live chat, and online form

Agent Portal

  • One place to organize, customize and manage resources.
  • View call center agent/rep’s performances on dashboard to understand deep insights to built customer relations that are more meaningful
  • Manage multiple sites for multiple product support
  • Customize product support sites, chat window, chat button and more
  • Manage departments and agents


Full Customization

Build your brand with easily customizing live chat form, chat button, user self-service portal and helpdesk portal with your own logo, styles and themes that best suits your corporate style using templates and CSS.


Multiple Brands and Sites in One Place

Support all your brands, and products in one place without leaving the site. Switch between the sites in just one click and support multiple products or sites in one place.

Live Chat

Boost your online sales and generate more leads with Live Chat. Enable live chat support on your site in minutes, just customize the Live Chat button that fits your sites style and get the code and insert the code snippet on your website

One Ticket Multiple Channels

Save customer time and serve better with just one ticket for all your communications whether it is live chat, email, phone or online request. Use any communication channel or switch between the channels anytime still find all your conversations on one ticket.

Surveys and Feedbacks

Understand your loyal customer and potential customers better and provide high quality support. Build custom surveys and feedbacks that are tailored to gather the feedback about your service, product or the support agent. Receive feedback from your consumers, and evolve to server them better.

Dashboards and Analytical Reporting

ViDesk’s easy to understand reports and analytical dashboards provides any statistics at any level with various charts. These reports and charts are built to understand the deep insights to build customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, productive and key to your business to thrive.

Phone Support

Create and maintain phone tickets! Add all your phone logs for private use or generic use. Manage everything in one place, create follow-up tasks and appointments, both agents and customers can view every phone call details on the ticket. Track and report on all call activities.

Live Chat Support