ViCoast has proudly launched ViDesk a complete help desk software product for sales and support. ViDesk helps any business to enable live chat support on any existing websites in minutes, chat buttons and chat window can be customized to fit the business needs and styles. ViDesk enables businesses to provide complete online support including online ticket management system. As part of ViCoast business focus center ViDesk is to provide cheapest way to manage sales and customer support for any businesses, it also helps to improve the performances of the sales and support team there by improving the returns on marketing investment. More information about this product is available at This event was chaired by Mrs. Bharathi, CFO and Srinivas J COO of the company, they addressed the entire company and the team involved in building the product and congratulated them with a great appreciation. ViCoast is committed to continue innovating new products using cutting edge technologies to help business and consumers globally.

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